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A great activity for the entire family!

Do you have a family of three people or more with young children and/or teenagers? A Toronto bicycle tour is a fun family activity for all ages! Create some great memories together, whether you are visiting Toronto or you are locals looking to see the city in a new light!

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  • Move safely and at a relaxed pace through the city with our tour guides, who are expert city riders and very familiar with Toronto
  • Great for all ages and skill levels. We have smaller bikes, bicycle seats and trail-a-bikes for kids (minimum one year of age)
  • Even those who can't ride a bike can come along on one of our tandem bikes
  • Learning, fun stories, physical activity, the thrill of exploring the city – there is something for everyone in a Toronto Bicycle Tour!
  • All tours include bicycle, helmet, water, snacks and tour guide – we provide everything that you’ll need
  • Tours offered in English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Mandarin & Cantonese
  • Spend the morning, afternoon, evening or entire day with us!

Family Bicycle Tours of Toronto

“The guides Zoe B. and Nancy were fantastic, they made us all feel welcome and set a nice easy pace to the tour. There was history and culture and if we had any questions we were free to ask even if they had nothing to do with the tour! It was a fantastic way to see the city, we were taken to various different points around the city and we were able to access parts that a conventional tour could not. There was something for all on this tour, both my children really enjoyed it as did the adults! I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone visiting the city, in fact I already have told some friends about it!”

Ailsapeters - Biggar, United Kingdom November 26, 2016

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We have a number of scheduled tours for you to choose from (below). We can turn any of these tours into a private tour for your family, and we can customize your tour for length, stops and content according to your interest and ability.

Heart of Downtown
Experience Downtown in a way that is only possible by bicycle: see key sights, including must-see cultural and historical landmarks, major attractions and views that you won’t see in a guide book!
Sightseeing tours of Toronto
Island Tours
Ride across the Toronto Islands in the evening or early morning. Beautiful scenery and skyline views!

Downtown & Island Combo
Explore Downtown Toronto during the day, and enjoy the Toronto Islands in the evening. Two very different tours combine for a great one day experience!

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