Corporate Team-Building Tours

Having fun together is Good for Business

Are you looking for a fun, outdoor team-building activity idea? Sign your group up for a corporate team-building bike tour with Toronto Bicycle Tours. On this fun and entertaining excursion, you and your colleagues will discover things about the City of Toronto you never knew while on this easy and safe ride. For this outdoor activity we take care of all the details and ensure that your group has a great team-building experience that will bring them closer together.

Highlights of this bike tour:

  • For this activity we can host groups of 2 to 60+ people at a time.
  • Turn any of our scheduled outdoor tours into a corporate team-building activity.
  • We provide everything needed for the tour: bicycles, helmets, water and light snacks.
  • Spend the morning, afternoon, evening or entire day with us!
  • This is a great idea for groups of all ages and abilities because we can accommodate everyone, even those who can’t ride a bike (they can use one of our tandem bikes)
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Corporate Team-Building Tours

Additional group services available:

  • Meals & Snacks: Breakfast, lunch, gourmet box, ice cream.
  • Tours are available in a number of different languages.
  • Using one of our outdoor team-building tours as a basis, we can tailor the activity by adjusting the route, theme and pace to match the skills and abilities of the group.

Custom, corporate team-building bike tours and other offerings

  • We can also work with you to build a customized tour from the ground up to meet your specific outdoor, team- building activity requirements, and to integrate with your other Toronto-based activities.
  • We can execute parts of certain bicycle tours as walking tours (limited by the amount of ground that we can cover by foot).
  • We also offer a scavenger hunt for groups of 10 to 100+. This unique idea allows your team to get outdoors and explore Toronto in a fun and exciting way while collaborating with colleagues. Learn about the City by finding landmarks, completing tasks and interacting with locals!
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Did you Know?  Our tours are the #1 ranked Outdoor Toronto Activity on TripAdvisor, and we are in the the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame for over 5 consecutive years of consistently high ratings from our guests.

What Employees will Gain from this Outdoor, Team-building Activity

Booking a bike tour for your group with Toronto Bicycle Tours will benefit your employees in a number of ways. Studies have shown that participating in outdoor, team-building activities is a wise idea because it lowers stress and heart rate.

Getting outside is a great employee energizer, and the perfect antidote for mental fatigue if a team has been putting in long hours.  Fresh air, sunshine, a little exercise and a change of scenery are proven ways to restore mental energy, plus positivity, focus and creativity.

Business Benefits of this Outdoor, Team-building Activity

Arranging for your employees to participate in an outdoor, team-building activity offers a number of business benefits too.

An outdoor outing like a bike tour with Toronto Bicycle Tours will provide your employees with an opportunity to bond outside of work. When employees feel more connected to one another, their productivity and efficiency in the workplace increases.

Another important benefit of providing an outdoor, team-building experience is that it will reinforce with employees that your company appreciates them. When an organization shows it cares about the well-being of their workers, employees are more likely to be motivated and committed to giving their best to the company.

Corporate Team-Building Tours

Past Riders Reminisce

  • "I took my team on a Toronto Islands Bike Tour and it was fabulous. Toronto Bicycle Tours was a dream to work with; my group had a great time."
    Kim Parlee - Vice-President, TD Wealth, Toronto

  • "We took the bicycle tour as part of a business rewards trip. What a great experience! We were taken to many places we wouldn’t have seen or known about in the city."
    Bigkingzfan -

  • "You do not have to be an experienced cyclist to take the tour. One of my colleagues had never ridden a bike before and was able to use a tandem bike to enjoy the tour."
    Steve H - Toronto, Canada

  • "Even though my company knows Toronto very well, since we are locals, it was illuminating to see things with fresh eyes."
    Mayasonar - Toronto, Canada

A Few Need-to-Knows

  • Price of this outdoor team-building activity includes: use of a bicycle with helmet, water, snacks and tour guide(s). Children are welcome when accompanied by a parent/guardian. Reservations required.
  • Your safety: We take safety very seriously. All of our tours have been specifically designed to be safe, outdoor team-building activities. Each tour takes places on quiet streets, park paths and bike lanes. We also provide safety instructions before each tour. Please note: the wearing of a helmet is mandatory.
  • Available in different languages:  English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Mandarin and Cantonese speaking interpreters are available for all of our tours. Don’t see your language listed? Please ask us.  We will do our best to accommodate your needs.